The Success Magnet Workshop

Our lives are our perceptions of what’s happening around us. Take a rainy day, for instance. You could wake up to the dreary drizzle and think how beautiful it’s going to make your flowers and garden look or how wonderful a day it is to curl up with a good book. Or you can see the rain and revel in the misery of not being able to be outside and hating the dampness. You choose how your day is going to be by choosing how you see your circumstances. By controlling your perception, you control your life.

The Six Rules of the Mind

When it comes to the mind, I know six things to be true.

  1. Every thought creates a physical reaction.
  2. We tend to get what we expect.
  3. Imagination tends to be more powerful than reality in the mind.
  4. Once you accept an idea, it stays put in your brain until you actively work to replace it with another.
  5. Every idea you act upon creates less resistance to subsequent ideas on the same topic.
  6. When you fully commit to a goal and believe it will get done, obstacles tend to move out of your way.

Using The Success Magnet workbook, we will explore these concepts and learn to harness the mind to create optimum conditions for success. A great workshop for business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals and organizations of any kind.

Workshop Options: 4 hours, 8 hours


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