Pain Control

Like stress, pain serves a definitive purpose. Pain lets the body know that there is an issue that must be addressed. It would be foolish to ignore that warning. Seeing a doctor is a necessity. After the reason for the discomfort has been ascertained, the pain no longer serves a purpose and can be either lessened or eliminated. That is within the power of our mind.

Have you ever gone to bed at the end of the day and discovered a bruise or cut that you knew should have hurt, but totally escaped your notice? This is a frequently occurrence for many people. Their subconscious mind realized that the ailment would heal itself in time and pain would serve no purpose.

Our bodies have natural healing properties that can be tapped into speeding and maximizing the healing process. Releasing that ability can be done relatively quickly. As long as the client is willing to accept this ability, it can become an easy ability to utilize

• Release the natural healing properties within everyone
• Create a trigger for pain-free dentistry
• Enable the body to control pain before seeing your doctor

• Prepare for future surgeries
• With planning, go through pain free child birth
• Eliminate or decrease long-term pain issues

As with any medical issue, see your physician when dealing with pain.


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