Stress Relief

As incredible as it seems, stress serves a purpose in our lives. Stress is our body’s system telling us we must address an issue. While we can never fully eliminate stress, we do not have to accept it as a long term issue. Many medical professionals acknowledge that stress in our closed physical/psychological system creates or increases illness, so why must stress exist in the first place?

When we are at work and deadlines draw near, stress is created telling us to focus our time and effort. Once that message has been sent, stress no longer serves a purpose and should be released. Unfortunately, stress sometimes becomes such a constant companion, we feel at a loss when it is not present. This brings on the long term issues that stress creates. When we are under stress, we cannot focus or work to the best of our potential.

When we lose a loved one, deal with the breakup of a relationship, or anticipate a test or quiz coming, stress is a by-product. Change naturally creates the perfect conditions for this negative emotion. Hypnosis can help deal with the issue.

  • Reconditions the subconscious to recognize stress.
  • Helps develops a greater understanding of the real underlying issues.
  • Redirecting the subconscious to create a plan of attack to address the real issue.
  • Creating a positive attitude toward your action.
  • Allows the client to release the tension created to maximize the effect of your actions.
  • My own stress relieving sleep modifications.


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