Quit Smoking

Smoking is known to be one of the leading causes of heart attacks, cancer, emphysema and several over health issues. Why then would someone continue smoking? Well, the subconscious mind must defend us against danger real and imaginary and sometimes the protection takes an odd form.

When we are young we searched for comfort and acceptance. When our friends smoked, we wanted to belong. Smoking with them allowed us to have a feeling of comradely, friendship and belonging. The subconscious mind overcomes our aversion to the taste and smell of cigarettes and allows smoking to become a habit.

When we are older, we may have begun to believe that smoking would allow us to eat less and used it for weight control. Again, the secondary gain becomes enough for the subconscious mind to allow it. You can become a healthier, stronger person by quitting smoking.

  • Reprogram the brain to understand the true nature of smoking
  • Eliminate the links to the habit involved
  • Re-establishing yourself as the non-smoking you were from birth
  • End your connection to tobacco as part of your life
  • Emphasize the benefits of living a smoke free life
  • Reaffirm the fact that you can maintain a healthy weight while not smoking


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