Advanced Hypnosis Training – Pain Management Techniques

With the proliferation of over the counter drugs causing the opioid crisis to expand in America, the need for non-pharmacological pain management methods is becoming greater every day.  

This course will introduce you to methods that incorporate the client’s own ability to release physical discomfort and hold onto that positive feeling.  

The initial sensitizing event is discovered and then the negative imprints that they were created are diminished.

The treatments that have been used to address the issue are examined as well.  If the treatments were designed to relieve the elements of the condition that have compromised the quality of your client’s life, why is the discomfort still there.  

The negative effects of the doctor’s intervention are covered.  By empowering the doctor and believing him when he tells the client they will be in pain, they have created a negative loop that the client must escape if they wish to be healthy again.  

At the end of this day long course, you will be able to address your client’s issues with discomfort and have a program for them to release pain when nothing else has.


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