Now I Love To Learn™

A continuation of the Open the Skies! Introductory workshop.

Is your child experiencing any of these issues? After working with Tim
Can’t remember what was taught in class? Improved recall and application of what was learned
Unable to focus in class or on homework? Improved focus in class and with homework
Memory fails after hours of study? Improved Memory
Can’t make the necessary connections between old and new material? Can make the appropriate associations between old and new material
Can’t express what they’ve learned in a clear and understandable way? Able to express in a clear and understandable way
Freezes up/has anxiety about taking tests Calmer and more confident when taking tests
Homework Overload Reduced time needed to do homework
Better Grades
Reduced Stress
young boy in classroom looking frustrated

A 2-week, 4-week or 8-week program that primes your child for lifelong success by strengthening his/her aptitude and love of learning.

I was one of these kids– filled with fear, frustration, and anxiety over tests, so I became a teacher and then developed, tested, and perfected the Now I Love to Learn™ program to solve these problems. I suspect your child faces many of the same issues I did, because schools don’t have the resources to adapt to and develop children’s learning styles.

The Now I Love to Learn™ academic improvement program combines my life’s passions for teaching and helping kids succeed through better learning. We know as parents and teachers, that our ability to learn and absorb knowledge follows us for the rest of our lives and many doors won’t open if your child has not assimilated effective methods to learn and express their knowledge.

Imagine the difference, when your child can have better focus in class, when they need less time to finish their homework and everyday learning becomes more enjoyable!

As a teacher and NGH Certified hypnotist of over 20 years, I understand the workings of the mind. Our natural state is to love learning, if your child has lost that positive association; this is the program for them. Individual and after-school homework programs are also available.


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