Sleep Improvement

Sleep is such an important part of our lives, NASA scientists have worked on intensive studies to ensure our astronauts maximize its benefits during space travel. A long restful sleep going through all the sleep stages can greatly improve our work output, our sense of well-being and improve our emotional well-being.

In sleep, our conscious and subconscious minds have to balance the events of the day. How our conscious and subconscious minds communicate could very greatly affect the depth and benefit of our sleep.

How many times have you “slept” for seven or eight hours and yet woke up drained? Perhaps you have had difficulty getting to sleep, but once there you sleep well and feel great. Another issue is a feeling of general restlessness as you battle to get to sleep. Your expectations of sleep can become deeply ingrained and compound your difficulties with sleep.

  • Reprogram your sleep cycles to when they were at their optimum.
  • Establish beneficial sleep patterns.
  • Balancing the subconscious/conscious minds during the sleep cycles.
  • Creates positive expectations about your future sleep experiences.
  • My technique creates a positive approach to your new day’s plans.
  • With your doctor’s approval, you may be able to end/decrease the use of medicines.
  • If you are seeing a doctor about this issue, a referral will be necessary.


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