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We value the generous feedback we have received from satisfied clients and appreciate the opportunity to help others meet their personal goals through hypnosis and our training courses.

This video testimonial was graciously provided by Karen, a seventh grade teacher from Northern Virginia, who was experiencing a very high level of stress related to her job and standardized student achievement tests. A film crew interviewed her a month after her hypnosis session for stress reduction.

This one session by Sheila Mack shows the power of her techniques in relieving long held pain.

This letter is to thank and commend Mr. Timothy M Horn for the care he has provided me in 2009 in dealing with chronic pain.

In 2004, I had the misfortune to suffer from a gangrenous, necrotic bowel, the treatment for which caused severe peripheral neuropathy in both my legs & feet. I have been on a pain pump for the past several years, which is constantly sending dilaudid into my system, with little relief.

I had the good fortune to try hypnosis, after unsuccessfully trying biofeedback, acupuncture, a spinal stimulator, and a wide variety of medications prescribed for chronic pain. Tim’s attentiveness and responsiveness, his demeanor, upbeat attitude, and humor all contributed to my progress as I went through a painful and challenging recovery, with several hospitalizations causing setbacks along the way, Tim was unfailingly cheerful and positive, and very concerned about my pain level.

I am now on the way to becoming pain-free, with Tim’s constant monitoring & help. He has been able to achieve in a few short months what other alternative treatments and standard medications could not in almost 5 years. My dilaudid usage is down from, at one time, 9 mgs. every hour, plus a bolus of an additional 1 mg as needed, every 12 minutes to 0.3 mgs, every hour. Thanks to Tim’s visualization techniques and his expertise in hypnosis, my pain level (on a scale of 1 to 10 being the highest) is down from a constant 10 to a 3 or 4 at the most each day. I fully expect to be taken off the dilaudid pump in a short while.

Tim’s dedication to his profession is admirable, and he obviously cares deeply for his clients.

Mr. Timothy Horn is a credit to the hypnotherapy profession, and he will be a lifelong friend to my husband & me!

Written and presented with pleasure.

Ralph & Roseann Crafts

Tim has been a complete life saver for me!! I had been a smoker for nine years and have tried numerous times to quit with no success. When I found out I was pregnant I knew I needed to quit not only for myself, but for my child. I have known Tim for some time now and I knew that he has been involved with hypnosis so I called him up to see if he would be interested in taking me on. Fortunately, at the time he had an open appointment in his practice and was ready for me as a client.

The hypnosis experience is one that I will never forget. I do not believe that I have ever been as relaxed as I was that evening. With Tim’s help, I have been a non-smoker for 41 days. Not only has he saved my life, but my little one’s, too!!

— Elizabeth Austin

Dear Tim,
Thank you, thank you, and thank you. I didn’t know how well the CD would work for my DBS (deep brain stimulation).The three months of waiting and the two postponements really had me wondering, if I had made the right decision. But your CD kept me focused. I followed your instructions exactly and listened intently every night leading up to the surgery, and just as you said I went into three and a half hours of totally conscious, aware but relaxed surgery. My doctors said they had never seen anyone go through the surgery so easily; they were amazed. As I look back on it now I am still marveling at what you accomplished with me. Thank you seems so inadequate but it is said with total gratitude and gratefulness.

— Mary C. Boesl

Hypnosis cured me of bruxism (teeth grinding).  I would grind my teeth in my sleep so badly that my teeth were cracking, my husband was annoyed by the interference in his sleep, and I woke every morning with a headache.  After three sessions with Tim Horn, I stopped grinding; if I’ve had a particularly stressful day, I occasionally listen to the CD that Tim made for me as a refresher.  Hypnosis was easy, and has made an immeasurable impact on my quality of life.

— Suzanne Musgrave

I highly recommend Tim Horn, the certified consulting hypnotist at Hypnoconsult, LLC in Manassas to anyone who is looking for a way to make a change in his or her lifestyle and needs assistance to make that change happen. Tim is professional, non-judgmental and very easy to talk to. He will take the time to explain the program to you and will encourage you every step of the way.

I contacted Tim for assistance with weight loss after a recent visit to my doctor included a discussion of weight loss methods. I expressed reluctance to having the band surgery or to using diet pills and I told the doctor I just needed help getting my actions to match what my brain knew was the correct course – I asked what he thought of hypnotism for this purpose. The doctor gave me Tim’s contact information and I am extremely grateful he did!

I began hypnotherapy sessions with Tim Horn in mid April of this year and almost immediately realized a change in my attitude towards food, especially in portion control. My portions are about a third of what they were in the past and sweets have been almost eliminated from my daily eating without me feeling deprived, hungry or even like I am “dieting” at all. Achieving the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the program now seems to be possible. My major goal, to obtain a healthy weight, meant I would have to lose at least 100 lbs.. That amount of weight loss seemed improbable to me before the first meeting with Tim, but as a result of the hypnotherapy sessions and encouragement from him, I am almost a quarter of the way to achieving that goal after six weeks.

This is a lifestyle I can live with. Even when I slip up (everyone does at some point), I am able to get myself back to a healthy routine by concentrating on the points emphasized by Tim and by listening to the recording he gave me to use at home as reinforcement of the sessions in the office.

After years of trying every weight loss program available, I finally found what has been missing. Thank you, Tim, for coaching me towards a healthier lifestyle I can actually live with!

Let me just say that Tim Horn doesn’t just help smokers or help you through your anxiety issues, Tim Horn is also in the “Saving Marriages Business.” I was at the end of my rope, given up all hope, marriage was in the toilet, I was angry, confused, hurt and could barely sleep. My situation was entirely different that what Tim is used to dealing with but I’m here to tell anyone reading this Tim Horn can help you in so many ways. Tim isn’t just great at being a Hypnotist, Tim is a natural psychologist on steroids. I’ve seen countless marital counselors, therapist, social workers, pastors and psychologist PHD’s regarding some rough marital issues.. Nobody I saw really helped me. Everyone was text book/template driven and didn’t get into the specifics and couldn’t give you answers. If you are angry, depressed, have anxiety or have a struggling marriage, go see Tim Horn at Hypnoconsult LLC. Tim Horn let’s you see where the problem is coming from and how to see it from a different perspective. Tim, if you read this God has a special place for you in heaven my friend! I’m going to choose to stay in touch with Tim until the end.

— Nick Jacobs

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